07 July 13 Meetings

We had a great day in the house of the Lord yesterday. We had two meetings, the 1st was Glendoveer Baptist Church in Portland and the 2nd was Bethel Baptist Church in Salem. It is always a blessing to be able to preach Gods word for others and to be able to be an encouragement for pastors and their congregations!
It is always a humbling experience for me when after the service someone walks up to me to say you know, you were preaching right at me. When in fact I was just sending out the word of God and He has allowed a weak vessel as myself to help impact someone for Him.

After our first meeting we drove to the hotel room that the pastors from Bethel Baptist reserved for us, and when we got in our room we found this:

It was very nice and are thankful for all that they have done for us.

Here I was playing one of my favorite songs, that a friend of mine taught me, at Bethel Baptist:


After both of the services the churches had pot lucks. Vaida and I enjoy them because we get to see another side of the people, and they us, outside of the church service, and we are able to get to know them a little bit better. Thanks for your support and prayers everyone!

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