Missionary Candidacy Course

Well, we just graduated from our missionary candidacy course and are now officially a part of Word for the World Baptist Ministries. We are excited to be a part of this new family that God has made us a part of. Never have I seen people come together and be embraced as a family as quickly as I have this week.
Words truly do fail me when I try to think of how to describe this week and do justice to the Lord for what He has done. So I’ll try and keep it simple. The preaching was outstanding, the music was wonderful, and the fellowship was sweet. When missionaries get together, they connect in such a way that is amazing. The Lord has given us friendships that I pray will last a lifetime. He has brought veteran missionaries across our path that did not know us and wanted to pour their heart out to us and help us when they didn’t have to.
I’ll have to say though, the most wonderful thing of all, is that He is giving us the opportunity to serve Him on the foreign field. The Lord could have easily chosen some one wiser, stronger, or more noble. He could have chosen someone that said “Yes Lord, I’ll do anything you want” when they got saved. He could have chosen any other man and woman, but He chose me and my wife, and we are thankful and know that we are blessed because of His grace and mercy.
Thank you for all those that have been and continue to pray for us, and here are a few pictures from our candidacy course.

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