Just Getting Started

Hello, just wanted to say thanks for checking out our new web site. Paul Monsef did all of the work (thankfully!), and got this up and running quicker than I thought it would happen. As a plumber, when I see something that involves a computer I instantly assume it’s going to take about 6 months to a year. Thank God for His provisions and the body that helps eachother out!!

We have already had five meetings and we were also able to attend a pastors school in Summerville OR. The Lord gave us a couple of meetings through the contacts that we made there.

We are excited about our upcoming meetings and hope that we are able to be a blessing to those there!

One thought on “Just Getting Started”

  1. Dear Bro. Chase and Miss Vida,
    It is so exciting to hear how God has answered prayer and provided for your needs. Thanks for the posts. We are doing great here at Fellowship in Indiana. The Lord has been working a lot in my heart this year. He’s made himself so real to me it causes me to be dumbfounded by His Greatness. He’s been to lean heavier on His arms. He’s been taking opportunity to show me my weakness is perfected by His strength. I’m still on oxygen but God is showing me that it shouldn’t be a stumbling block but a building block in our Relationship. He’s teaching me that it’s not the mountains that God so Good and Sweet. It is the valleys He brings us through that let’s us see Him in greater depth. Want this to encourage you. I’ll keep on praying for your guys.

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